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Image of a barista at The Wild Goose Meeting House in Colorado Springs, CO

For coffee connoisseurs, tea enthusiasts, and anyone who loves cafe culture, Colorado Springs is the place to go to get your fix of fresh brewed teas and joe. Urging residents and visitors to overlook the generic national chains of coffee shops and cafes, the local establishments in Colorado Springs want to show off what they can offer.

Sourcing tea and leaves both locally and internationally, the coffee shops and cafes in Colorado Springs ensure all customers are treated to strong aromas and unique blends that bring joy to the senses. Although many of the establishments in COS can do quick brews, they are also great places to socialize or work.

Whether you need to get something done, are looking to hang out with friends, or go on a date, consider heading to a local coffee shop. There are dozens in the area and with new ones opening each year, it can be difficult to make a selection. For those that are lucky enough to spend time in the Springs, you’ll have the chance to put your taste buds to the test all around the city.

Narrowing down the list, these are the 16 best coffee shops and cafes in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Wild Goose Meeting House

Image of a barista at The Wild Goose Meeting House in Colorado Springs, COA barista at Wild Goose. Photo: The Wild Goose Meeting House

A favorite with locals, The Wild Goose Meeting House hosts many community events and gatherings. Open all day, this establishment puts a twist on the traditional cafe by adding a bar. In the mornings, coffee is served alongside a tasty breakfast and brunch menu. As day turns to night, The Wild Goose switches things up by offering a variety of wine and beers.

Lunch and dinner menus are offered too with specialty sandwiches and salads. Bringing fun, entertainment, and education to the community, events at The Wild Goose Meeting House include lectures on literature, music, film, and art. There are also karaoke, trivia, and open mic events.

The meeting house gets quite busy during mornings and evenings because of the two happy hours – one for coffee and one for cocktails. Designed to be more than a place to grab and go, the Wild Goose Meeting House is a social hotspot.

The Perk Downtown

Coffee House, The Perk Downtown, Colorado Springs, ColoradoThe Perk Downtown in Colorado Springs. Photo: The Perk Downtown

One of the oldest coffee shops in Downtown Colorado Springs is The Perk. Hoping to spread the joy of good coffee and food, The Perk’s menu specializes in CBD-infused drinks and gluten-free pastries. Offering the best of the best, baristas at the Perk Downtown receive additional training in Seattle.

All of the coffee beans are freshly roasted by the Purple Mountain Roaster, which is also located in Downtown Colorado Springs. Centrally located in the downtown business area, customers can swing by to grab and go or spend time enjoying the cafe and surrounding area.

The Principal’s Office

Coffee Shop, The Principal's Office, Colorado Springs, ColoradoThe Principal’s Office in Colorado Springs. Photo: Principal’s Office

House in a renovated elementary school, customers don’t have to cause trouble to be sent to the Principal’s Office. Using a unique interior design, this coffee shop is cozy and welcoming.

Partnering with the Old School Bakery and Bristol Brewery, the Principal’s Office lets customers taste their collection of coffee beans that have been sourced from regions all around the world. Always brewed to perfection, the Housemade Mocha and flavored lattes are big hits.

After you’ve gotten your morning buzz, you might find yourself wanting to stick around for the Detention Hour. Running Monday through Friday from 3 pm – 6 pm, Detention Hour (Happy Hour) at the Principal’s Office has special pricing on wine, beer, cocktails, and a few select non-alcoholic beverages.

Jives Coffee Lounge

Coffee Shop, Jives Coffee Lounge, Colorado Springs, ColoradoJives Coffee Lounge in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo by: Jives Coffee Lounge.

Jives Coffee Lounge takes the traditional cafe ambiance and turns it on its head. Serving more than delicious beverages and snacks, customers at Jives can sit back and enjoy live musical performances by local talent or join when they host an open mic. Music brings plenty of character to the lounge, but people have also fallen in love with the menu.

Hot and cold drinks are served throughout the day with some of the favorites being the hot spicy mocha, White Tiger mocha, chai latte, and fresh smoothies. To curb your appetite, Jives Coffee Lounge offers a limited menu of sandwiches, pastries, and bagels. Guaranteed to leave an impression, Jives will make your visit to Colorado Springs unforgettable.

STIR Coffee & Cocktails

Image of an espresso machine at STIR Coffee and Cocktails in Colorado Springs, COAn espresso machine at STIR. Photo: Stir Coffee & Cocktails

On the edge of northern Downtown Colorado Springs, STIR Coffee & Cocktails has a few menus that run throughout the day. In the morning, fresh coffee beans are roasted and served alongside traditional breakfast items. Heading into the lunch hour, STIR is famous within the community for serving some of the best sandwiches in the Springs.

For the evening crowds, this coffee shop turns into a bar. STIR’s cocktail menu is literary-themed with the bartenders crafting unique alcoholic beverages based on famous books. A few of the signature cocktails are Tequila Mockingbird, Gin in Wonderland, Sangria Island, and Dorian Black.

Story Coffee Company

Coffee Shop, Story Coffee Company, Colorado Springs, ColoradoThe Story Coffee Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo by: Story Coffee Company.

Often called the “coziest coffee shop in Colorado Springs”, the Story Coffee Company is set up in a tiny house. Although the building is quite petite, the menu is full-sized. All coffee is made in-house and pastries are sourced from a local Colorado Springs bakery. Inside the coffee shop, there isn’t much room, but there are a few seats to keep customers warm during the winter months.

In summer, customers can lounge on the outside deck to catch a few rays of sunshine. Located next to Acacia Park in Downtown Colorado Springs, the Story Coffee Company is a popular place to grab a cup of joe before going for a stroll.

Wayfinder Coffee Co.

Image of Wayfinder Coffee Co in Colorado Springs, ColoradoWayfinder Coffee Co in COS. Photo: Wayfinder Coffee Co.

For the best collection of coffee beans, the Wayfinder Coffee Co. is the place to go. Established by two women who love to travel, this coffee shop uses sources all around the world to brew the most flavorful and unique beans. Some of the best brews are inspired by countries in Europe and South America. Customers especially love the Spiced Road coffee.

In addition to coffee, Wayfinder bakes fresh pastries every day with their giant croissants being a menu favorite. The Wayfinder Coffee Company is located in a smaller neighborhood of Colorado Springs, which makes it feel more local. Without the large crowds, customers can easily settle down and enjoy the shop’s quiet atmosphere.

Yellow Mountain Tea House

Coffee Shop, Yellow Mountain Tea House, Colorado Springs, ColoradoThe Yellow Mountain Tea House. Photo: Yellow Mountain Tea House

For people who prefer to get their caffeine from tea, the Yellow Mountain Tea House shouldn’t be missed. Serving traditional Chinese tea, there are more than 300 types of teas on the menu. A few of the most unique blends include the Milky Way Chai, Stress Relief, and sweet tea leaves made from the Chinese Blackberry bush.

The Yellow Mountain Tea House offers tea to-go at their quick serve counter or customers can stay for a full experience tea service. With more than beverages on the menu, the tea house also has a traditional Chinese food menu based on family recipes.

Loyal Coffee

Coffee House, Loyal Coffee, Colorado Springs, ColoradoLoyal Coffee in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo: Loyal Coffee

Supported by locals who have fallen in love with the quality of roast and those who are just passing through, Loyal Coffee is one of the best roasters and brewers in Colorado Springs. With two locations in the Springs, Loyal Coffee has become an icon in the community. Loyal Coffee takes their beans seriously and their baristas know their stuff.

With a blend of beans from destinations all around the globe, customers can pick from a variety of perfect brews to start the day. Perfect for quick stops, there are dozens of coffees brewed in-house or you can lounge around to enjoy the social scene. For those that have fallen in love with a specific brew, Loyal Coffee sells bags of beans for at-home enjoyment too.

Carnelian Coffee

Coffee Shop, Carnelian Coffee, Colorado Springs, ColoradoCarnelian Coffee in Colorado Springs. Photo: Carnelian Coffee Co

Located in Old Colorado City, Carnelian Coffee specializes in all things caffeine. On the menu are dozens of coffees, teas, and matcha. Brewing more than the traditional fare of coffees and teas, the beverages at Carnelian Coffee are enhanced with unique flavors.

Some of the best drinks on the menu are the Razzle Dazzle Bubble Brew, Cherry Blossom Matcha, Orange Cinnamon Cappuccino, and the Honey Lavender Latte. Carnelian Coffee also has an in-house bakery. Customers with allergy sensitivities should keep in mind that many of their baked goods use dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, wheat, and soy.

Kairos Coffee House

Coffee Shop, Kairos Coffee House, Colorado Springs, ColoradoKairos Coffee House in Colorado Springs. Photo: Kairos Coffee House

Among the many coffee shops in Colorado Springs, finding a quiet place to work can be difficult. Kairos Coffee House is a true hidden gem in the city. Typically uncrowded, the art-deco lounge includes a bar, plenty of tables, and a cozy fireplace.

Customers can set up in the shop with their laptops or books for a little peace and quiet while sipping their favorite beverage. For a bargain, Kairos Coffee House even offers an affordable refillable mug for customers who plan to spend a few hours enjoying the shop.

Urban Steam

Image of breakfast at Urban Steam American Bistro in Colorado Springs, COBreakfast and coffee at Urban Steam. Photo: Urban Steam American Bistro

One of the busiest coffee shops in Colorado Springs is Urban Steam American Bistro. Roasting their beans in-house and brewing fresh cups at the bar, customers love the upbeat vibes and social atmosphere of this coffee shop. Industrialized and modern, Urban Steam has a large lounge that is open from morning to night.

For entertainment, the coffee shop often hosts special events and live music performances. When Happy Hour hits, the place is packed with people looking for coffee and cocktails. Delicious menus are offered all day long. Some of the best items offered by Urban Steam are the Cubano con Leche, Turkish coffee, Nutella banana waffles, pulled pork panini, and the California salad.

Building Three Coffee

Coffee Shop, Building Three Coffee, Colorado Springs, ColoradoBuilding Three Coffee, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo by: Lincoln Center Colorado Springs.

Building Three Coffee is an award-winning roaster that is owned and operated by a family of veterans who relocated to Colorado Springs. Named as one of the best coffee shops in COS, Building Three Coffee is a hit with the locals.

Friendly service and a cozy atmosphere ensure that everyone will enjoy visiting and dining at the coffee shop. There are dozens of roasts on the menu, as well as a wide selection of pastries and breakfast items.

Caffeinated Cow

Image of the Caffeinated Cow Coffee and Ice Cream shop in Colorado Springs, COCaffeinated Cow. Photo: Caffeinated Cow

Always looking to “brighten your MOO-d” is the Caffeinated Cow. Another establishment that is family and veteran-owned, the Caffeinated Cow serves freshly brewed coffee and ice cream. All of the ingredients served in the food and drinks are locally sourced and the coffee beans are roasted in the Springs.

Ice cream is delivered daily from Denver to ensure that customers get the best and freshest flavors. In addition to coffee and ice cream, the Caffeinated Cow offers a limited menu with sandwiches, bagels, and pastries.

Peak Place

Coffee Shop, Peak Place, Colorado Springs, ColoradoPeak Place in Colorado Springs. Photo: Peak Place

Customers can stop by Peak Place any time of the day because this coffee shop is open from morning to night. Serving coffee, beer, wine, and food, Peak Place has been a local favorite since it opened in 2013.

The shop’s casual atmosphere is perfect for hanging out or for setting up meetings. A private room can be reserved for customers who need the space for work or social gatherings. To satisfy all cravings, the menu at Peak Place includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Image of a barista at Switchback Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs, COA barista at Switchback Coffee Roasters. Photo: Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback Coffee Roasters has two locations in Colorado Springs. More than a place to drink and dine, guests can learn more about coffee cultivation by heading next door to the shop to see the roasters at work. Dedicated to supporting the community, all coffee beans are sourced from the Colorado Springs area.

Open for breakfast and lunch, common items on the menu include granola, toast, tacos, and buddha bowls. Friendly to all customers, many of the food items cater to allergies with gluten-free and vegan options.

Whether you’re on the go or planning to stick around, Colorado Springs’ coffee shops have got you covered. These 16 places are currently the most popular in Colorado Springs, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there. A few other honorable mentions include the Bird Tree Cafe, Humble Coffee, The Exchange, and Third Space Coffee.

Image of the interior of Bird Tree Cafe in Colorado Springs, COThe interior of Bird Tree Cafe. Photo: bird tree cafe

The majority of coffee shops in Colorado Springs are closed by late afternoon, although there are a few exceptions on the list. When you’re wanting to continue with your exploration of the city’s food and drinks, you should check out the best restaurants in Colorado Springs too.

Author: Edward Adams