Online Gambling Industry Key Statistics 2023

Market Size and Growth

Market Size and Growth

Gambling is one of the biggest industries worldwide in terms of market size and has been consistently exceeding expectations over the last decade. This multi-billion industry comprises many sectors, including commercial casino gaming, lotteries, sports betting, online and mobile gambling. Various factors have contributed to the consistent growth of this industry, including legalization, market expansion, increasing digitalization, and greater internet accessibility.

The coronavirus temporarily put a pause on this growth, but the global gambling industry managed to rebound almost to its pre-pandemic levels last year. Landbased casinos suffered a severe hit and are yet to fully recover from it but the online segment is doing spectacularly well.

If you are keen on gambling stats as much as we are, you might find this compilation of statistics interesting. We have crunched all the numbers to provide you with valuable insights into the current state of the gambling industry and its future growth. Our compilation encompasses data about market size, revenue by segment, mobile gaming, and consumer behavior. Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Current Market Size and Future Growth

Current Market Size and Future GrowthThe outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic impeded the growth of this otherwise thriving industry. Governments worldwide enforced restrictions on international and domestic travel in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease in 2020. Landbased gambling establishments were forced into temporary closures and had to operate at a limited capacity after reopening but the online and mobile channels continued to thrive.

All these factors combined led to a severe drop in market size and revenue but things started to look up in 2022. And it seems this positive trend is set to continue over the next decade.

According to the Business Research Company, the size of the global gambling market was estimated at $449.04 billion last year despite the rising inflation and the supply-chain disruptions that resulted from the Russo-Ukrainian war that erupted in early April 2022.This positive trend is set to continue throughout 2023 as the size of the global gambling market is expected to reach $702.45 billion this year. The figure corresponds to a compound annual growth rate of a little over 56%.Forecasts suggest further growth over the next four years, with the global gambling market size escalating to approximately $766 billion by 2027. As surprising as it seems, the biggest opportunities for growth will come from the lotteries segment, which is expected to gain around $147 billion from sales over the course of the following four years.The following decade will see the global gambling market climbing to an impressive size of $845 billion by 2032. Forecasts of the Business Research Company indicate the biggest opportunities for growth will come from the offline segment.

Outperforming Expectations

Outperforming ExpectationsMarket size data for the past decade indicates the global gambling industry has been witnessing consistent, albeit slightly shaky growth. Figures dating back to 2012 show the sector was estimated at approximately $296 billion a decade ago. Market size rose to around $309 the following year only to drop by $5 billion in 2014.

The decline continued throughout the following years, with the biggest slump occurring in 2020 when the value of the industry plummeted to $179 billion. Things took a turn for the better a year later as the sector partially recovered and reached around $207 billion in 2021.

Earlier forecasts published at the time envisaged a rise to $262 billion in 2022. But lo and behold, the global gambling industry outperformed these expectations by skyrocketing to $449.04 billion as you saw earlier. Have a look at the graph below to see how the industry did over the past decade.

Changes in the Global Casino and Remote Gambling Industry’s Market Size from 2012 to 20222012$295.86 billion2013$308.63 billion2014$303.93 billion2015$269.69 billion2016$270.17 billion2017$272.18 billion2018$266.23 billion2019$271.57 billion2020$178.73 billion2021$207.23 billion2022$261.80 billion (forecast)
$449.04 billion (actual performance)

Source: Statista

Gambling in the Asia Pacific


The Asia Pacific (APAC) snagged the biggest share of the global gambling market as it accounted for approximately 32.5% of its overall size in 2022. From a geographical perspective, the region encompasses Oceania, Southeast and East Asia where major economic powerhouses like China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand are located.

Gambling is Illegal in the People’s Republic but this is not the case in China’s special administrative region of Macau. It has grown to become a major gambling hub over the last decade but unfortunately took a heavy blow after the global coronavirus outbreak.

Online gambling is illegal in Macau, so there was no other channel to help the landbased industry weather the crisis. Gaming revenue resurged in early 2023 after the government lifted the travel restrictions, hitting a three-year high in May as a result of the tourist influx.

Macau’s Gambling Industry in Numbers

Chance-based games like baccarat, blackjack, three-card poker, roulette, and craps generated as much as MOP$15.57 billion in gross gaming revenue (GGR) as of May 2023, according to data extracted from Macau’s Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). This corresponds to an increase of 528% compared to June 2022 when games of chance brought in a meager MOP$2.47 billion in revenue.

Macau GGR from Chance-Based Games (June 2022 – May 2023)June 2022MOP$2.477 billionJuly 2022MOP$0.398 billionAugust 2022MOP$2.189 billionSeptember 2022MOP$2.962 billionOctober 2022MOP$3.899 billionNovember 2022MOP$2.999 billionDecember 2022MOP$3.482 billionJanuary 2023MOP$11.580 billionFebruary 2023MOP$10.324 billionMarch 2023MOP$12.738 billionApril 2023MOP$14.722 billionMay 2023MOP$15.565 billion

Source: Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)

Macau’s GGR from different types of gambling in 2022

The harsh travel restrictions in mainland China severely impacted the local gaming industry, causing GGR to shrink by more than half last year. According to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), games of chance were the biggest earners in 2022 with around MOP$42.2 billion in revenue, followed by betting on soccer, basketball, horse racing, and lotteries.

Games of chance – MOP$42.2 billionSports lottery (soccer) – MOP$0.39 billionSports lottery (basketball) – MOP$0.20 billionHorse racing – MOP$0.039 billionChinese lottery – MOP$0.013 billionTotal – MOP$42.8 billion

Macau casinos housed 5,605 gaming tables in 2022

Table games are the main revenue drivers for the Macau landbased gambling industry but their number has gradually started to decline from 2019 onward as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Data released by DICJ indicates a 16.8% drop in the number of gaming tables from 2019 to 2022.

Gaming Tables Number in Macau over the Last Decade20125,48520135,75020145,71120155,95720166,28720176,41920186,58820196,73920206,08020216,19820225,605

The number of landbased casinos in Macau dropped from 41 in 2019 to 30 at the end of last year. These venues collectively operated 10,775 slot machines, which is 5,170 units more compared to the cumulative number of gaming tables in operation.

There were 5,284 fewer slot machines in operation at the end of 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, when the operating slots in the special administrative region numbered 17,009.

Number of Operating Slot Machines in Macau from 2018 to 2022Year20182019202020212022Number of Slot Machines 16,059 17,009 8,854 11,75810,775

Macau’s Top-Performing Games in Terms of GGR

Despite their numerical superiority, slot machines performed poorly in terms of revenue compared to table games like baccarat. The GGR generated by slot machines across Macau casinos amounted to MOP$3.1 billion in 2022 as opposed to MOP$36.2 billion they collected from the baccarat tables.

Macau GGR from 2018 to 2023 (Q1) by Game Type in MOP BillionGame Type201820192020202120222023 (Q1)Baccarat102.4120.826.948.42620.5VIP Baccarat166.1135.226.328.510.18.6Slot Machines1515. Poker1. Live Game2.732.840.921.370.830.48Fortune 3 Card Poker0. Hold’em Poker0.340.450.04–0.010.09Fantan0.370.430. Poker0.240.310. Baccarat0.60.650.

Source: Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau

Online Gambling in the United States

Online Gambling in the United States

The online gambling industry in the US has been witnessing unprecedented growth in the past several years, largely as a result of the legal sports betting expansion that ensued after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned in 2018. The online segment of the market gained further momentum during the coronavirus pandemic. Its market size grew by 9.19% as it rose from $8.7 billion in 2020 to $9.5 billion in 2021.

Data compiled by the leading market research and opinion polling platform YouGov reveals sports betting was the most popular form of online gambling among Americans as of September 2021, followed by online lotteries and online slots.

Popularity of online gambling in the US by type of activity

Source: YouGov

Online sports betting – 32%Online lottery draws – 31%Online slots – 23%

As many as 34 states, plus Washington D.C., have legalized sports betting at the time of publication. Another four (Florida, Kentucky, Vermont, and Maine) have passed legislation to regulate it and are preparing for launch. Forecasts suggest the online sports betting market will generate approximately $5 billion in revenue two years from now as opposed to $1.5 billion for landbased sportsbooks.

Most Popular Sports Betting Brands in the US

Source: Morning Consult

As of December 2021, DraftKings and FanDuel ranked as the two most popular sports betting brands among punters from the country who have a flutter at least once per month. Their services were used by 61% and 56% of sports bettors, respectively. Caesars and BetMGM were the third most commonly used sports betting platforms within this period, according to Morning Consult.

DraftKings – 61%FanDuel – 56%Caesars – 41%BetMGM – 41%Fox Bet – 37%Barstool – 37%bet365 – 34%Betway – 33%PointsBet – 33%BetRivers – 31%Bally Bet – 31%theScore Bet – 30%SugarHouse – 29%WinView – 28%

Key Sports Betting Trends among US Consumers

An online survey conducted by the American Gaming Association shows most US residents fully support the legalization of sports betting. Conducted in March 2023, the survey involved 1,005 individuals who have placed a sports wager within the past year and 1,066 residents of legal gambling age (21 years old). Here are the most essential findings.

39.2 million US residents aged 21 reported having placed at least one sports bet within the past year. This corresponds to 11.8% of the country’s overall population which currently stands at 331.9 million.As many as 85% of the country’s adult population supports the repeal of PASPA, a 22% increase compared to 2019 when only 63% of the adult residents supported the move.Around 77% of all online sports wagers are now made on licensed betting sites as opposed to 44% in 2019. The same percentage (77%) of residents embrace the legalization of sports wagering in their state of residence.Approximately 78% of regular punters prefer to use the services of regulated sportsbooks when placing wagers. Only 4% of all American adult punters report betting exclusively on completely unregulated websites.

Key Reasons for Transitioning to Regulated Online Sportsbooks

Most adult bettors from the United States cite the following reasons for migrating to regulated sportsbooks:

Regulated bookies offer more competitive odds.It is easier to deposit and withdraw at regulated sportsbooks.Punters have experienced issues with unregulated bookies in the past.They have seen marketing materials from a casino.Legal sportsbooks offer good free-to-play incentives.

Top 20 Online Sports Betting Markets in the US

The cumulative revenue of regulated US sportsbooks for 2022 reached $7.56 billion and was up approximately 75% compared to the results during the previous year. Sports betting handle grew by almost 63% as punters collectively wagered $93.73 billion as opposed to $57.53 billion the previous year.

This growth was largely driven by the launch of online sports wagering in New York in early 2022 as the Empire State accounted for over 18% of the country’s overall revenue total. Here is a complete breakdown of the states that posted the most significant growth in sports betting revenue.

Top 20 US Sports Betting Markets in 2022StateTotal Sports Betting RevenueOnline/Mobile Sports Betting RevenueNumber of Online/Mobile SportsbooksNew York$1.37 billion$1.37 billion9Illinois$795 million$760.3 million7New Jersey$763 million$721.6 million23Pennsylvania$597.4 million$547.6 million13Arizona$482.9 million$479 million17Virginia$481.2 million$481.2 million14Nevada$446.7 million$203.3 million12Michigan$418.6 million$399.5 million15Indiana$386.9 million$347.4 million14Tennessee$379.4 million$379. 4 million11Colorado$352 million$348.2 million23Louisiana$214.5 million$180.4 million6Iowa$165.6 million$142.9 million18Maryland$149.5 million$108.2 million10Connecticut$135.5 million$126 million3Kansas$76.5 million$73.4 million6New Hampshire$66.7 million$59.5 million1 (DraftKings)Mississippi$60.8 million$60.8 million (mobile bets can be placed on premises only) 2West Virginia$50.9 million$41.6 million9Oregon$49.5 million$49.5 million1 (DraftKings)

Source: American Gaming Association

Online Gaming Revenue in the United States

Online casino gaming is not as widespread in the US compared to sports betting as only six states have legalized it at the time of publication. These include New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Connecticut. A whopping 88% of the overall online gambling revenue in the country was generated by Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Here is how each of these states performed revenue-wise in 2022.

Cumulative online gaming revenue – $5.02 billion (a 35.3% growth compared to 2021)New Jersey – $1.66 billion from 31 online casinos (a 21.6% increase compared to 2021)Michigan – $1.58 billion from 14 online casinos (a 42.1% increase compared to 2021)Pennsylvania – $1.36 billion from 18 online casinos (a 22.6% increase compared to 2021)Delaware – $13.6 million from 3 online casinos (a 29% increase compared to 2021)Connecticut – $280.7 million from 2 online casinos (a 489.7% increase compared to 2021)West Virginia – $112.6 million from 7 online casinos (an 84.9% increase compared to 2021)

Source: American Gaming Association

Online Gambling in Europe

Online Gambling in EuropeEurope, as a whole, has one of the strongest gambling markets on a global scale whose value in terms of GGR reached €108.5 billion in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic stunted the industry’s growth but the market quickly started to recover after landbased gambling venues started to reopen.

Data sourced from H2 Gambling Capital shows the landbased sector generated €70.3 billion in revenue, accounting for approximately 65% of the overall GGR for the year. The online sector witnessed a 7.6% increase as revenue rose to €38.2 billion. Estimates suggest this positive trend is set to continue across both channels in the years to follow.

EU Gambling Industry – Revenue and Growth EstimatesYearOnlineLandbasedOverall2019€25.7 billion€75.1 billion€100.8 billion2020€30.6 billion€51.9 billion€82.4 billion2021€35.5 billion€52.4 billion€88.0 billion2022€38.2 billion€70.3 billion€108.5 billion2023*€41.7 billion€73.4 billion€115.0 billion2024*€44.0 billion€75.3 billion€119.3 billion2025*€47.5 billion€76.8 billion€124.4 billion2026*€51.2 billion€78.3 billion€129.6 billion2027*€54.3 billion€79.7 billion€134.0 billion

* Figures marked with asterisks correspond to revenue estimates. The UK is included in the forecasts.
Source: H2 Gambling Capital

Number of Online Gambling Licenses Issued in EU Member States

Gambling companies licensed to operate on the European market uphold the highest possible regulatory standards. EU-licensed iGaming operators provide their services to more than 29.8 million players spread across 21 jurisdictions on the Old Continent. Looking at the data below, we observe nearly a two-fold increase in the number of online gambling licenses granted in 2021 compared to 2018.

Year2018201920202021Number of iGaming Licenses 121 145 234 225Number of Issuing Jurisdictions 20 17 19 21

Source: European Gaming and Betting Association

European Countries with a multi-licensing regulatory model for online gambling

For clarification, the multi-licensing regulatory regime enables public as well as privately-owned companies to apply for online gambling licenses in a given country. This model is contrasted with the gambling monopoly where only a few select state-owned companies can obtain licenses to operate remote gambling.

The United KingdomSwedenDenmarkMaltaThe NetherlandsCyprus (multi-licensing for sports betting, online casinos and poker are illegal)EstoniaLatviaLithuaniaPortugalSpainFrance (multi-licensing for poker and sports betting, online casinos are illegal)ItalyBelgiumGermany (multi-licensing for sports betting)The Czech RepublicSlovakiaCroatiaRomaniaBulgariaGreece

Countries with a mixed licensing model

In countries with a mixed licensing model, some online gambling products are subject to a state-owned monopoly while others are multi-licensed.

Poland (a monopoly on poker and casino games, multi-licensing for sports betting)Hungary (a monopoly on sports betting, multi-licensing for poker and casino games)Austria (a monopoly on poker and casino games, multi-licensing for sports betting)Slovenia (a monopoly on sports betting, multi-licensing for poker and casino games)

Countries with state monopolies on online gambling

When monopolies are in place, only companies owned by a country’s government are eligible for authorization to offer online gambling, be it sports betting, casino gaming, poker, or bingo.

European Countries with the Biggest Online Gambling Markets, by Market Share

The level of gambling activities taking place over the internet varies considerably across different European jurisdictions. Countries like Germany, Spain, France, and Italy have well-developed gambling industries where revenue is concerned, but online gambling accounts for a relatively nominal share of their overall markets. This is not the case in countries like Sweden, the UK, Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania where over half of all gambling activities are taking place remotely as of 2021.

The UK – 65% (a 5.7% increase compared to 2020)Romania – 65% (an 8.3% increase compared to 2020)Lithuania – 67%Latvia – 75%Sweden – 80% (a 13.8% increase compared to 2020)

Source: H2 Gambling Capital

Most Popular Online Gambling Activities in Europe

Casino games like slots, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack overshadowed all other forms of online gambling in 2022, ranking first in terms of popularity. The casino segment accounted for 39% of the overall revenue of the interactive gambling industry as it brought €14.9 billion in GGR.

Games of chance leapfrogged sports betting which ranked as a close second with a GGR amounting to €13.6 billion. This figure accounted for approximately 35% of the overall interactive gambling revenue on the Old Continent. Below, we give you the full breakdown of Europe’s online gambling revenue for 2022 based on product type.

Online casino games: €14.9 billion (39% of overall GGR)Online poker: €1.4 billion (3.7% of overall GGR)Bingo: €1.1 billion (2.9% of overall GGR)Other games: €0.4 billion (1% of overall GGR)Horse racing: €2 billion (5.2% of overall GGR)Betting on other sports: €11.6 (30.4% of overall GGR)Lotteries: €6.7 billion (17.5% of overall GGR)

Source: H2 Gambling Capital

Estimates suggest these upward trends will continue to manifest themselves throughout 2023 when the online casino segment is expected to experience a 7.38% increase as GGR escalates to €16 billion. Out of all activities included in the casino category, poker is the only product that is expected to suffer stagnation, with estimated revenue remaining fixed at €1.4 billion over the next few years.

Growth is likely to be observed in the sports betting segment. Forecasts suggest the total revenue from online wagers on sporting events, including horse races, will grow by 8.82% to €14.8 billion in 2023. Online lotteries are also likely to experience significant growth, rising by 14.9% from €6.7 billion to €7.7 billion this year.

Revenue growth estimates for Europe’s online gambling industry from 2023 to 2027

Activity20232024202520262027Horse Racing€2 billion€2.1 billion€2.2 billion€2.2 billion€2.2 billionOther Sports Bets€12.7 billion€13.9 billion€15.2 billion€16.6 billion€17.9 billionCasino Games€16 billion€16.2 billion€17.2 billion€18.3 billion€19 billionPoker€1.4 billion€1.4 billion€1.4 billion€1.4 billion€1.4 billionBingo€1.2 billion€1.2 billion€1.3 billion€1.4 billion€1.4 billionOther Games€0.5 billion€0.5 billion€0.6 billion€0.6 billion€0.6 billionLotteries€7.7 billion€8.7 billion€9.7 billion€10.7 billion€11.7 billionAll Online Gambling€41.7 billion€44 billion€47.5 billion€51.2 billion€54.3 billion

Source: H2 Gambling Capital

Interactive Gambling in Europe by Device Type

Desktop computers are no longer the device of choice for online gamblers in Europe. An increasing number of bettors are transitioning to smartphones and tablets, which we explain with increasing accessibility and affordability, better connectivity, and the greater convenience mobile devices can offer.

As many as 53% of all online wagers in 2022 were made on portable devices. This percentage is expected to increase further in the following years, reaching an estimated 64% in 2027, when only 36% of all bets will be placed on desktop computers.

2021202220232024202520262027Smartphones & Tablets51.00%53.00%55.00%57.00%59.00%62.00%64.00%Desktops49.00%47.00%45.00%43.00%41.00%38.00%36.00%

Source: H2 Gambling Capital

Number and Value of Bets Placed by Online Gamblers in Europe

Data sourced from the European Gaming and Betting Association shows online gambling is a popular pastime on the Old Continent. In 2021, licensed gambling sites accepted 111.6 billion wagers whose combined value amounted to a whopping €202.9 billion. This is a 15% increase compared to the previous year when online gamblers collectively placed 97.1 billion wagers with a cumulative value of €179 billion, or 13% less than 2021.

Number of Wagers PlacedYearYoY Percentage Change97.1 billion2020+15%111.6 billion2021Combined Value of WagersYearYoY Percentage Change€179 billion*2020+13%€202.9 billion2021

*Bets placed with bonus credits are included.
Source: European Gaming and Betting Association

Active Accounts, Customer Profits, and RTP Rates

The number of active accounts at licensed gambling sites in Europe was up 3% year-on-year, reaching 29.8 million accounts in 2021.Online gamblers collectively won €191.3 billion in 2021, or 14% more compared to the previous year when combined winnings stood at a little over €168 billion.Return to Player (RTP) rates rose by 0.3% YoY as they inched from 94% in 2020 to 94.3% the following year.

How do online punters from Europe prefer to bet?

Sports betting is the second most popular form of online gambling in Europe, with pre-match markets attracting the most action. In 2021, wagering on the pre-match markets accounted for 66% of the revenue online gambling operators generated from sports bets.

In-play betting suffered a decline which we partially attribute to the fact many live sporting events were put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. As you can see below, the revenue from bets placed on the in-play markets decreased almost two-fold from 63% in 2018 to 34% in 2021.

2018201920202021Pre-Match Betting37.00%45.00%54.00%66.00%In-Play Betting63.00%55.00%46.00%34.00%

Source: European Gaming and Betting Association

Gambling Advertising

Gambling AdvertisingThe advertising of gambling services and products has risen dramatically across all channels in recent years and so has the ad spend on gambling operators worldwide. These tendencies can be observed in many regulated gambling markets, including the US and the UK. The primary motivation behind this upturn is to boost consumption and increase GGR.

Gambling Advertising in the US

Online gambling operators collectively spent $1 billion on advertising in 2021, but forecasts suggest their ad spend could grow to $1.9 billion in 2023.

(Source: Statista)

Spot television is the preferred medium of advertising for online gambling companies in the US, followed by national digital and network television. Spot TV accounted for approximately 80% of the overall gambling ad spend in Q1 of 2021 alone.Online Gambling Ad Spend in the US by Channel (Q1, 2021)Spot Television$153.62 millionNational Digital$24.84 millionNetwork Television$5.97 millionOutdoor Advertising$5.65 millionLocal Radio Stations$3.86 millionCable Television$1.19 millionNetwork Radio$0.49 millionNewspapers$0.19 millionSpanish Cable Television$0.04 million

Source: Nielsen Ad Intel/

FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM were the biggest spot television advertisers in terms of overall spend for Q1, 2021. The three companies collectively poured $126.2 million in advertising campaigns on spot television, which corresponds to 82% of the overall gambling ad spend during this period.Biggest Ad Spenders in the US Gambling Industry (Q1, 2021)CompanyAmount SpentPercentage of Overall SpendFanDuel$57.65 million37.50%DraftKings$43.63 million28.40%BetMGM$24.88 million16.20%BetRivers$9.32 million6.10%Betfair$6.73 million4.40%PokerStars$5.81 million3.80%Other Gambling Companies Combined$5.59 million3.60%Overall Ad Spend for the Period$153.62 million100.00%

Source: Nielsen Ad Intel

Gambling Advertising in the UK

The Internet Advertising Bureau reports that gambling advertising spend in the country increased from £240 million in 2013 to £1.56 billion in 2017, an amount that accounted for approximately 7% of the overall ad spend in the country. This corresponds to a whopping 550% increase. As much as 77% of the overall ad spend was used for advertising over the internet, followed by television and sponsorships. Here is the full breakdown.

Advertising ChannelGambling Ad SpendInternet£1.20 billionDigital Marketing£0.75 billionAffiliate Marketing£0.30 billionSocial Media£0.15 billionTelevision£0.23 billionSponsorships£0.06 billionOther Offline Channels£0.07 billion

Source: Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK)

Youth Exposure to Gambling Advertising in the UK

A survey conducted by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the UK Gambling Commission in 2022 indicates that most young people in the country are exposed to gambling ads broadcast on television.

As many as 66% of the British youngsters see gambling-related ads on offline channels, such as television.Approximately 63% of the adolescents in Great Britain report seeing this type of advertising content online, on social media, websites, or mobile apps, for example.Advertising MediumPercentage of Young People Exposed to Gambling AdsTelevision57.00%Mobile Applications54.00%Social Media Platforms (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)44.00%Live Sporting Events37.00%Video Sharing and Live Streaming Platforms36.00%Outdoors (billboards, posters)36.00%Other Websites35.00%Radio Broadcasts33.00%Printed Media (newspapers, magazines)33.00%Other Advertising Mediums22.00%

Source: Ipsos Mori, UK Gambling Commission

As for the frequency of appearance of gambling ads, adolescents report encountering them the most often on video sharing and live streaming websites like YouTube and Twitch, followed by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Advertising MediumPercentage of Adolescents Seeing Gambling Ads Once per WeekVideo Sharing and Live Streaming Websites47.00%Mobile Applications46.00%Social Media Platforms45.00%Radio Broadcasts44.00%Television42.00%Live Sporting Events36.00%Other Websites35.00%Outdoors (billboards, posters)33.00%Printed Media (newspapers, magazines)30.00%Other Places40.00%

Source: Ipsos Mori, UK Gambling Commission

Leading Online Gambling Companies by Market Capitalization

Leading Online Gambling Companies by Market Capitalization

The top 20 online gambling companies in the world share a combined market capitalization of $183.4 billion. Some of these companies specialize exclusively in the provision of online gaming and betting services, while others develop business-to-business (B2B) products. A third group bridges the gap between landbased and online gambling by operating both casino resorts and interactive betting.

Flutter Entertainment tops the ranking with a market cap of $35.26 billion, followed by the renowned provider of live dealer solutions Evolution Gaming, Aristocrat, and MGM Resorts. The data below reflects the value of the companies’ overall outstanding shares in June 2023. We have excluded companies like Las Vegas Sands and Melco Resorts from the ranking since they operate exclusively in the landbased sector. As you shall see, 9 out of the 20 gambling companies with the highest market cap hail from the United States.

Top 20 Gambling Companies Ranked by Market Cap

Source: Companies Market Cap

#1. Flutter Entertainment – $35.26 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #503Country of Origin: IrelandLine of Business: Online sports betting and casino gaming providerOnline Brands: Betfair, Sportsbet, Paddy Power, PokerStars, Sisal, Sky Betting & Gaming, FOX Bet

#2. Evolution Gaming – $26.64 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #674Country of Origin: SwedenLine of Business: B2B live dealer solutions providerOnline Brands: N/A

#3. Aristocrat – $16.89 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #992Country of Origin: AustraliaLine of Business: Slot machine manufacturing, online and mobile games publisherOnline Brands: N/A

#4. MGM Resorts – $15.41 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,080Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Casino resort operator, online gaming, and sports betting providerOnline Brands: BetMGM

#5. Wynn Resorts – $11.86 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,314Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Casino resort developer, online casino, and sports betting operatorOnline Brands: WynnBET Sportsbook & Casino

#6. DraftKings – $11.85 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,317Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Online sports betting/daily fantasy sports contest providerOnline Brands:

#7. Caesars Entertainment – $10.34 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,467Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Casino resort operator, social gaming, online casino and sports betting providerOnline Brands:, Caesars Slots, Slotomania

#8. Entain – $10.11 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,492Country of Origin: Isle of ManLine of Business: Online sports betting and gambling operatorOnline Brands: Coral, Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, Crystalbet, Eurobet

#9. Française des Jeux – $7.46 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,861Country of Origin: FranceLine of Business: National retail and online lottery operatorOnline Brands:

#10. Boyd Gaming – $6.89 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #1,971Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Casino resort operator, online sports betting operatorOnline Brands: Boyd Sports

#11. OPAP – $6.28 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #2,110Country of Origin: GreeceLine of Business: National retail and online lottery, casino, and sports betting operatorOnline Brands:

#12. Light & Wonder – $6.19 billion

Global Ranking: #2,131Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Landbased gaming manufacturer, online software providerOnline Brands: N/A

#13. Sportradar – $3.85 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #2,893Country of Origin: NorwayLine of Business: Sports data analyzer, sports betting platform providerOnline Brands: Betradar

#14. Penn Entertainment – $3.66 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #2,952Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Racetrack, casino, online gaming, and sports betting operatorOnline Brands: Barstool Sportsbook and Casino, Hollywood Casino, Penn Play Casino

#15. Playtech – $2.34 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #3,640Country of Origin: EstoniaLine of Business: Online gambling software providerOnline Brands: N/A

#16. Kindred Group – $2.31 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #3,660Country of Origin: MaltaLine of Business: Online casino and sports betting operatorOnline Brands: Unibet, 32Red, Maria Casino,

#17. Tabcorp – $1.66 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #4,108Country of Origin: AustraliaLine of Business: Retail and online gaming/betting services providerOnline Brands: TAB, eBet, The Lott, Sky Racing

#18. Super Group – $1.39 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #4,382Country of Origin: GuernseyLine of Business: Online sports betting and casino operatorOnline Brands: Betway, Spin Casino

#19. Monarch Casino & Resort – $1.31 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #4,461Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Casino resort operator, mobile sports betting providerOnline Brands: BetMonarch

#20. Everi Holdings – $1.25 billion market cap

Global Ranking: #4,531Country of Origin: United StatesLine of Business: Landbased slot manufacturer, online slot developerOnline Brands: N/A

Leading Gambling Companies by Brand Value

Leading Gambling Companies by Brand ValueBrand value is another important metric worth considering as it measures the monetary worth of gambling companies. It often impacts the revenue of businesses and indicates the overall level of consumer awareness of their products. The England-based online gambling operator bet365 tops the list for 2021 with an estimated brand value of $3.37 billion. Other notable companies that made the cut include Wynn Resorts, Genting, MGM, and Caesars, all of which also operate online casinos or sports betting sites.

Top 10 Gambling Companies with the Highest Brand ValueCompanyBrand Value (2021)Brand Value (2020)Online Gambling Brandsbet365$3.37 billion$1.59 billionbet365 Poker
bet365 Casino
bet365 Bingo
bet365 Live Casino
Bet365 SportWynn Resorts$3.24 billion$3.81 billionWynnBET Sportsbook & CasinoGenting$3.13 billion$3.48 billionGenting CasinoGalaxy Macau$2.97 billion$2.86 billionN/AThe Venetian Macao$2.58 billion$2.31 billionN/AMarina Bay Sands$2.36 billion$2.22 billionN/ASands China$1.91 billion$1.78 billionN/AInternational Game Technology (IGT) $1.54 billion $1.91 billionN/AMGM Resorts $1.51 billion $1.26 billionLeoVegas
BetMGMCaesars Entertainment$1.38 billion$1.18 billionCaesars Sportsbook
Caesars Slots

Source: Brandirectory

Online Gambling Sites Ranked by Traffic

Online Gambling Sites Ranked by TrafficThe popularity of gambling sites is measured across several metrics, including the number of visits, average visit duration, bounce rate, and the number of pages viewed per visit. Data captured by the web analytics company SimilarWeb reveals Parimatch was the most popular gambling site in May 2023, followed by bet365, Xoso, and Caliente.

Top 20 Regulated Gambling Sites Ranked by Traffic

Source: SimilarWeb

#1. Parimatch – 321.4 million visits

Domain: parimatch-in.comPages per visit: 3.15Bounce rate: 56.19%Average visit duration: 2 minutes, 42 seconds

#2. bet365 – 212.2 million visits

Domain: bet365.comPages per visit: 5.05Bounce rate: 54.20%Average visit duration: 6 minutes, 36 seconds

#3. Xoso – 186.9 million visits

Domain: per visit: 2.27Bounce rate: 8.26%Average visit duration: 26 seconds

#4. Xổ Số Đại Phát – 150.5 million visits

Domain: xosodaiphat.comPages per visit: 2.04Bounce rate: 7.36%Average visit duration: 21 seconds

#5. Caliente – 123.4 million visits

Domain: caliente.mxPages per visit: 3.30Bounce rate: 45.65%Average visit duration: 3 minutes, 49 seconds

#6. Betway – 99.9 million visits

Domain: per visit: 7.11Bounce rate: 16.52%Average visit duration: 15 minutes, 29 seconds

#7. Betano – 76.2 million visits

Domain: betano.comPages per visit: 3.93Bounce rate: 61.37%Average visit duration: 2 minutes, 22 seconds

#8. Bet9ja – 76.2 million visits

Domain: bet9ja.comPages per visit: 8.38Bounce rate: 28.99%Average visit duration: 12 minutes, 19 seconds

#9. Hollywoodbets – 69.5 million visits

Domain: Hollywoodbets.netPages per visit: 16.35Bounce rate: 15.62%Average visit duration: 7 minutes, 52 seconds

#10. Sportybet – 58.8 million visits

Domain: sportybet.comPages per visit: 17.03Bounce rate: 21.17%Average visit duration: 16 minutes, 41 seconds

#11. BetKing – 55.3 million visits

Domain: betking.comPages per visit: 15.18Bounce rate: 23.57%Average visit duration: 18 minutes, 23 seconds

#12. Minh Ngoc Lotteries – 51.5 million visits

Domain: per visit: 2.36Bounce rate: 29.50%Average visit duration: 2 minus, 1 minute

#13. Betika – 49.8 million visits

Domain: betika.comPages per visit: 16.89Bounce rate: 17.57%Average visit duration: 17 minutes, 31 seconds

#14. Blaze – 38.6 million visits

Domain: blaze.comPages per visit: 10.34Bounce rate: 36.53%Average visit duration: 7 minutes, 4 seconds

#15. Winzogames – 34.1 million visits

Domain: winzogames.comPages per visit: 1.47Bounce rate: 42.52%Average visit duration: 53 seconds

#16. Bovada – 33.5 million views

Domain: bovada.lvPages per visit: 3.93Bounce rate: 48.06%Average visit duration: 5 minutes, 13 seconds

#17. Betnacional – 32.5 million visits

Domain: Betnacional.comPages per visit: 10.52Bounce rate: 34.82%Average visit duration: 22 minutes, 16 seconds

#18. UK National Lottery – 30.1 million visits

Domain: per visit: 6.47Bounce rate: 32.05%Average visit duration: 3 minutes, 51 seconds

#19. Stake US – 29 million visits

Domain: stake.usPages per visit: 8.94Bounce rate: 17.33%Average visit duration: 8 minutes, 38 seconds

#20. – 27 million visits

Domain: stake.comPages per visit: 7.74Bounce rate: 53.72%Average visit duration: 4 minutes, 29 seconds

Author: Edward Adams