17 Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Colorado

BV Rocks Climbing Gym, Colorado

Colorado is one of the best rock climbing destinations on the planet, and local climbing gyms located throughout the state are perfect for introducing people to the sport and helping seasoned athletes stay engaged and sharp.

If you’re a climber new to the area or are interested in picking up this incredible sport, Colorado’s strong showing of rock climbing gyms can help. There are indoor climbing gyms in Denver and Colorado Springs, as well as all around the state that are ready to give you your indoor climbing fix.

BV Rocks Climbing Gym

BV Rocks Climbing Gym, ColoradoBV Rocks Climbing Gym, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/bvrocksclimbinggym

Boasting over 3,000 square feet of climbing surface, the BV Rocks Climbing Gym is a solid choice whether you’re traveling through Buena Vista or are a local looking to stay active when the local climbing routes are closed due to snow. Some of the routes here are as high as 40 feet, and the gym offers bouldering, top rope, lead, and auto-belays.

The Spot Bouldering Gym

The Spot Bouldering Gym, ColoradoThe Spot Bouldering Gym, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/thespotgym

With locations in Denver, Boulder, Louisville, and Golden, and Thornton, the Spot Bouldering Gym strives to create a welcoming community feel––these gyms ofer bouldering classes for kids and adults and are focused on building strong local climbing communities. Boulder’s location opened in 2002 and is was the first bouldering gym established in the US. These gyms are big and offer a great mix routes that are accessible and insanely difficult.

Summit Climbing Gym

Summit Climbing Gym, ColoradoSummit Climbing Gym, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/summitclimbing

Located in Silverthorne, Summit Climbing Gym is a co-op, meaning its owned and operated by members. This place is mainly set up for serious climbers––they don’t offer classes. As a member, you’ll be treated to everything this place has to offer, but will also be asked to pitch in and help from time to time with tasks like taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms. If you live in the area and are obsessed with climbing, it’s a small price to pay for having access to an excellent gym for far less than you’d pay at a conventional spot.


Movement has multiple locations in Denver (Baker, RiNo) and the surrounding areas (Englewood, Golden, Boulder), and it offers youth programs, classes, and even a special program to help you find a climbing partner. Featuring tall walls and hundreds of routes, Movement seems to be a bit less geared towards die-hard climbers and more towards people trying to improve their mental and physical health.

Grand Valley Climbing

Grand Valley Climbing, ColoradoGrand Valley Climbing, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/grandvalleyclimbing

This climbing gym is located Grand Junction and serves western Colorado athletes with a large, tall space and some excellent programs. If you live in the area and are interested in picking up this sport, Grand Valley Climbing can help you with everything from a basic primer to learning to belay.

G1 Climbing + Fitness

Boasting a modern space with 50-foot walls and more than 25,000 square-feet of climbing walls, G1 Climbing + Fitness is a good choice for everyone from completely inexperienced climbers to professional athletes. G1 offers addictively challenging routes, private instruction, and unique programs aimed at helping climbers transition from the gym to outdoor routes.

Grip Bouldering

Grip Bouldering, ColoradoGrip Bouldering, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/gripbouldering

This Grand Junction-based bouldering gym offers 2,200 square feet of climbing surface and other amenities designed to develop your skills, including adjustable climbing boards, lattice training equipment, a hang board station, and cardio machines. You can also find youth programs and classes at Grip.

Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

With locations in Denver and Castle Rock, Übergrippen was started by Colorado locals who go out of their way to refer to their spaces as “crags” and not gyms. Übergrippen strives to focus on building a community centered around the love of rock climbing.

Aspen Red Brick Recreation Center

Aspen Red Brick Recreation Center, ColoradoAspen Red Brick Recreation Center. Photo: facebook.com/AspenRedBrickRecreationCenter

You’ll find gyms with far more climbing space (this one has 3,000 square feet), but the Aspen Red Brick Recreation Center‘s climbing area features other perks such as classes and a Trango Prodigy board, Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 hang boards, a peg board, and helpful crack features.

Springs Climbing Center

Featuring 210 bouldering problems and 25 Top Rope Climbs that change every six weeks, the Springs Climbing Center was established in Colorado Springs three decades ago before indoor rock climbing became a widely recognized sport. But despite being a bona fide climbing pioneer, the Springs Climbing Center aims to be welcoming to newbies and seasoned pros alike.


CityROCK, ColoradoCityROCK, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/climbCityROCK

Colorado Springs climbers love CityROCK for its friendly staff, fair prices, and offering of programs, which include introductory climbing classes, personal coaching, and yoga for rock climbers. There’s enough here to keep seasoned athletes challenged with a welcoming philosophy that warmly embraces people new to the sport.

Gripstone Climbing & Fitness

Also located in Colorado Springs, Gripstone Climbing & Fitness is a climbing gym that embraces technology to deliver a stellar experience to its members. Their website includes a feature designed to explore different routes currently set up and a constantly updating occupancy that shows how many climbers are using the gym in real time.

Whetstone Climbing

Whetstone Climbing, ColoradoWhetstone Climbing, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/ClimbWhetstone

Whetstone Climbing serves the northern Colorado city of Fort Collins with a massive and modern 30,000 square-foot facility. This is the state’s largest climbing gym with a stacked lineup of programs and classes to match ranging from kids classes to personal coaching to events. Whetstone offers special yearly and seasonal promotional membership rates that are worth checking out if you live in the area.

Longmont Climbing Collective

This highly reviewed Longmont climbing gym gets high marks for its beautiful, clean space and hearty offering of fun routes that change before you get bored of them. While Longmont Climbing Collective‘s space isn’t nearly as large as other Colorado gyms, members rave about its stellar staff, training area, and strong focus on community.

Pure Bouldering Gym

Described as a smaller but thoughtfully set up space, Colorado Springs’ Pure Bouldering Gym is a locally loved gem. Pure offers extremely affordable introductory classes if you’re new to bouldering and aren’t sure how to get started. Another perk is 24/7 access, which is ideal for night owls, introverts, and those with busy schedules.

Boulder Rock Club

Boulder Rock Club, ColoradoBoulder Rock Club, Colorado. Photo: facebook.com/boulderrockclub

Boulder Rock Club is another elite Colorado gym that’s been in operation since the early 90s. It’s been voted the “Best of Boulder” seventeen years in a row and counting, and experts, as well as complete novices, will find lots to explore here, including top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering, group fitness classes, and terrific routes for adults as well as kids.

Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness


Ascent treats Fort Collins climbers to a bright, well-staffed space filled with great routes and amenities. This gym pairs its top rope, lead climbing, and bouldering features with helpful training assets like yoga and fitness classes, two adjustable systems walls, an expansive campus board, hang-boards, free weights, cable cross-over, a Power Cage, and a cardio area.

In Colorado, you’re never far from an amazing climb whether you’re outdoors or in one of the state’s excellent climbing gyms.

Author: Edward Adams