10 Halloween Costume Stores in Denver, CO

Spirit Halloween Store Denver Colorado

The Denver Metro Area is loaded with spooky costume stores, so finding the perfect Halloween wardrobe is easy. Most folks begin shopping in early October, although most stores begin rolling out their Halloween merchandise by September.

Halloween is a huge event for a lot of Coloradans. In the weeks leading up to this annual fright fest on October 31st, spider webs, pumpkins, and spooky goblins begin to appear. People take pride in their costumes, often researching for hours and browsing store to store. The Mile High haunted houses start to freak out visitors out once in September as well, usually once fall hits.

To ease your search for the perfect costume, here’s a list of stores in Denver that you can raid to achieve the wildest of transformations. No matter what your preferences are, you will surely find what you’re looking for in these stores.

Here are the top costume shops in Denver, CO, in no particular order:

Spirit Halloween Store

Spirit Halloween Store Denver Colorado

Considered as the largest supplier of all of your Halloween needs, Spirit Halloween has more than 1000 stores across the continent. In Denver alone, they have about 20. This superstore of sorts provides an overabundance of Halloween items and costumes, ranging from Gaming, TV, and Movie characters to even the most famous political personalities on the planet.

They also have outdoor decors, digital decors, and even fog machines. Other offerings can go as wide as creating your own costume, spooky game boards such as Ouija and animatronics. Surely, imagination has no limit in Spirit Halloween.


Goodwill Halloween Store Denver Colorado

Want a stand-out costume to wear at some Halloween party without hurting your pocket? Then Goodwill has your back. With nearly 30 locations in Denver, Goodwill offers an array of unique, slightly-used Halloween costumes, accessories, and decors for a much lower price than most competitors. You can also find great pieces that you can put together to create your own outfit.

But that is not the best part yet – Goodwill supports the local community by donating a big fraction of every dollar spent at their stores to Denver’s Career Development Programs. Not only were you able to celebrate the Halloween season without spending too much, but you were also able to help change lives. After all, why spend a lot on something you’d only use for a day?

Arc Thrift Store

ARC Thrift Store Halloween Denver Colorado

The name says it all – with 25 branches all across Denver, Arc Thrift Store is another great option for people who wants to stay practical this coming Halloween season. Billions are expected to be spent by millions of Americans for this year’s Halloween; so it’s a good season to be thrifty.

With Arc, you can save and shop with a purpose. Being a non-profit organization, all of the proceeds go to ACL chapters in different communities. Not only that, they have discounts on selects days of each week, so you can probably show off a killer Halloween outfit for just a few dollars. Halloween should be terrifying, but price tags shouldn’t. We can all agree to this right?


FashioNation Halloween Store Denver Colorado

Want to sport that Punk Goth look this Halloween? Then head over to this store. We all have always known how gothic Halloween costumes never fail to impress and freak us out. Situated in South Broadway, this is definitely the go-to place for folks who want to channel the dark and the mysterious.

FashioNation provides the best in both plain and printed jackets, hoodies, sweaters, skirts, and pants. They also have accessories to make you look more forbidding, such as boots, belts, and studs & spikes. Try something sinister and extremely fascinating this year with FashioNation!

Disguises Costume Superstore

Disguises Costume Superstore Denver Colorado

Another superstore of sorts, Disguises is a consistently strong contender and top-notcher in the category. Having 16,000 square feet of shopping space for people of all types and ages, Disguises boasts an unbelievably enormous amount of costumes and accessories of superb quality.

Not to worry shopping or renting in a store this big, as they have staff, all trained and creative enough to give you expert advice regarding your Halloween outfit woes. Theatrical costumes, wigs, props, makeups, novelties… they certainly have whatever you might need to be your own master of disguise. Just name it and they will surely have it.

The Wizard’s Chest

The Wizard's Chest Halloween Store Denver Colorado

Are you a fan of fictional universes such as the Middle Earth? Have you always been enchanted by castles and magic spells back as a kid? If you answered yes to both, then look no further! Situated in 451 Broadway, The Wizard’s Chest offers more than just costumes and accessories. Expect your inner child to spring up once you enter this ginormous, 16,000 square foot castle.

Inside, you will not only see a profusion of top-grade outfits but you will also be astonished by their in-house magicians, hands-on play environments, and loads of games and toys. Unlike other stores, The Wizard’s Chest is open daily and as such, holds weekly events and tournaments. This is, by all means, a great place to be not just for Halloween but for other seasons as well.

Fun Services, Inc.

Fun Services Inc Halloween Store Denver Colorado

Fun Services, Inc. is actually a full-service business that helps bring special occasions to life. But do not fret yet – if you do not need a whole bunch of party equipment, they also have a party store that offers a wide selection of Halloween costumes, wigs, face paints, decorations, and other fun stuff.

Whether you’re just attending or organizing your own Halloween party, they will surely fill in every detail. Factor in the reasonable prices and all the reliable and knowledgeable staff to help you out in your selection process, your first store visit absolutely won’t be your last.

Reinke Brothers

Reinke Brothers Halloween Store Denver Colorado

What just started as a haunted attraction business is now one of Denver’s best costume shops ever built. Going by the catchphrase “It’s not just a store… It’s an adventure!”, Reinke Brothers does not only provide a massive inventory of the coolest costumes and accessories year-round but also offered to the public a haunted mansion.

Sadly as of this writing, their haunted mansion is still going through some serious renovation. The store remains open though, to provide customers with only the best of the best. Look no further, as they have an armory full of Hollywood-quality costumes, wigs, makeups, special effects, and a lot more here. Whether you are an adult or a kid, they have got you covered.


Gott A Costume Halloween Store Denver Colorado

If you have already thought of who you want to be this coming Halloween, you are in for a great treat. What’s in store for you? Gott-A-Costume offers a diverse, impressive collection of pre-packaged outfits – from Disney princesses and Marvel/DC superheroes to non-mascot characters such as pirates, cavemen, and cowboys.

They also have fancy accessories such as tights and glasses, and even toy weapons! This shop is the perfect hunting ground for the not-so-diligent in sourcing and putting different pieces of articles together. If you want to play with your creativity, you can also choose from their wide selection of hats, boots, makeups, wigs, hairspray, and prosthetics.

Makeup Mania

Makeup Mania Halloween Denver Colorado

So there we are. You have probably found what to wear this Halloween, that killer costume. But you’re thinking, maybe it needs a little push to really stand out from the rest? That’s when makeups enter the scene. Makeup Mania candidly sets itself apart from the rest of the entries in this list, as it specializes in makeups.

But they’re not just simple makeups… this shop offers premium-grade products used by most movie and television professionals. If ever you’re planning on bringing to life the spookiest creature or character this Halloween, then don’t leave home without crafting your face.

Thanks for checking out our list of top places to shop for Halloween costumes and decorations around Denver. Happy Halloween in the Mile High City! Don’t forget to check out some of the haunted places around Colorado during this frightening time of year.

Author: Edward Adams